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Boobs. Breasts. Knockers. Tits. They’re everywhere and come in an infinite array. There are large boobs, small boobs, perky boobs, saggy boobs, big nipple boobs, no nipple boobs, booblets, and even man boobs! And they come in every shade from the palest alabaster to oil slick black. Boobs have become one of the most prominent body parts in our society, and not only for the blatant sexual aspect.

More now than at any other time in our history, boobs are on the front line for being more than bra stuffers. Breast cancer awareness, breastfeeding advocacy, and self-esteem issues. And these things go toe to toe with the views that boobs are sexual objects. Is there any wonder why those of us with breasts can end up feeling trapped by them?

The Beginning

A girl’s life changes the minute she gets her booblets. Her friends look at her differently. The boys look at her differently. Even her parents and siblings look at her differently. She’s no longer a “little girl”. She’s now booby-trapped.

And why is that? She didn’t get booblets and then all of a sudden begin a whole new thought process. Her mind did not become that of a woman all of a sudden. So why is she seen that way?

Maybe it has something to do with how boobs are viewed in our society. They are seen as sexual objects. Visual stimulation.
Booby trap.

How I See It

I am a well-endowed woman. I am also the nursing mother of a toddler. For me, my boobs are so much more than naughty pillows. So many times I’ve had to work for attention……not to be seen, but to be heard. I work in a male-dominated industry and most of the eyes fight not to stray during a conversation. Now, I must admit that my boobs are pretty fabulous. And while I’m not above flaunting a little cleavage every now and then, I am also smarter than the average bear. So when I speak, I want to be heard. This is where insecurity finds its footing. Is it all about my looks? But, I’m smart. I’m funny. I’m……..well-endowed.
Booby trap.

You’re still breastfeeding? How old is he now? If I had a dollar for every time I heard this, I’d be living in Paris writing my memoirs instead of working for a living. Yes, I’m still breastfeeding and he’s now 15 months old. And for now, there are no plans to wean. My boobs are functional. They’re doing what they were actually designed to do. Feed my child. I love breastfeeding my toddler. The bond, the health benefits for both of us, and the knowledge that I’m giving him the best of me make it worth all of the criticism. But…….nursing a toddler comes with its drawbacks. My breasts haven’t belonged to me since my body first produced the pregnancy hormone. I can’t get dressed without taking into consideration how easy or difficult it will be to nurse while being discreet. I can’t walk around naked after my shower because all he has to do is see nipples and he attacks. And now breastfeeding advocacy and support is front and center which I think is great. But along with the good, you also get the fanaticism, negativity, and the ignorance that comes along with a society that’s been conditioned to see breasts as sexual objects.
Booby trap.

You know what else comes along with having breasts? The possibility of getting breast cancer. Komen has raised a kerflillion dollars and people have walked a flajillion miles but it doesn't change the facts. Have breasts? You're at risk. And what if you get it, fight it, kick its ass, but lose one or both of your breasts in the fight? Now what? There are options. Most aimed at cosmetic camouflage. To make you look as "normal" and as "natural" as possible. cover up your surgery.
Booby trap.

And speaking of surgery. Let's talk about boob jobs. Cosmetic alteration of breastular breastalage. Boobs, or the lack thereof, have become such a big deal that enhancing them is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Our view on boobs makes it a normality to have negative body images if you don't possess "perfect" breasts. Everywhere we look we are bombarded with images of huge, over-inflated, gravity-defying boobs. We consistently get the message that to advance in this male-dominated world, give them something to goggle at. Want to be a success in the entertainment industry? Get a boob job. Want to succeed in corporate America? Get a boob job. What does this mentality do to the self-esteem of our daughters? The fact that we have 16-year-olds getting boob jobs says so much. But the fact that these boob jobs are sanctioned, supported, and allowed by parents says it all.
Booby trap.

Now, I have on occasion voiced the desire to alter my own boobs. I have some very lively double D's. I think they're beautiful. I also have a small back. And these suckers (get it? Suckers? Breastfeeding? Get it? hehehe) these suckers are heavy!!! I'd love a reduction. And I'm not at all opposed to getting a lift while they're at it. Hey, I'm not immune to the lure of perky boobs. but the actuality of me doing either is pretty slim. Unless it becomes medically necessary, I'm pretty sure my double D's and I will live a long and breasty life together.

The traps have been set. So many of us have already been caught up in them. Be vigilant. Don't fall prey to the idea that our breasts are what make us women or that having them makes us less. From the bustiest babe to the itty bitty titties, stand up and refuse to be........Booby-Trapped!!!!!

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  1. Very engaging topic. Breast do play a large role in a woman's life. Great write up and I like that your sense of humor shines through. I noticed that I'm the first to post on this blog. Don't be discouraged. Drew told once that many people may have read my post and even liked it but just don't comment.That is some what comforting, but as humans we normally like feedback. sometimes even if it's negative. That's what helps us grow. You also have to have a google acct or one of the other accts to comment. Luckily I now do.